KIG is a specialized investment company with core expertise in revenue enhancement, cost reduction and proactive risk mitigation for achieving business sustainability and growth.

KIG stands for Knowledge, Innovation and Growth


Making the most of your organizationís information, expertise and experience

Knowledge is human faculty resulting from interpreted information; understanding that germinates from combination of data, information, experience and individual perception.

There are many sources of knowledge, including from people, customers, intellectual property, databases, research and links with external experts.

For an organization, Knowledge is a justified belief and understanding that increases the entities capacity for effective action.

KIG believes in creating appropriate strategies and processes designed to identify, capture, structure, value, leverage and share the organizations intellectual knowledge to enhance its performance and competitiveness.


Adding value at every stage of the business

An idea with value is typically the definition of innovation.

Innovation is not about solving but it is about understanding the problem and the proactive courage to solve a problem.

KIG believes that innovation can be effectively applied with right knowledge of the problem to derive greater value.

Successful companies learn from their results, and this learning feeds back into each of the five enablers. This cycle of assessing, measuring, learning and redesigning is a continuous process that should reach into all aspects of running a company resulting in a innovative culture.


Making the vital link between all stakeholders and profit

Sustainable growth can be established through mutual collaborations among all stakeholders of the business keeping knowledge and innovation as one of the key elements.

KIG lays the foundation for sustainable growth through Decision Inteligence Framework for effectively managing the link between all stakeholders, focus on cash flows and earnings, which enable companies to fund internal growth, sustain the return on equity and remain debt-free.

Debt free Financial Model would greatly influence and facilitate sustainable growth and KIG strives to create debt free financial status for business within a defined time period.