Decision Intelligence Framework

Decision Intelligence would enable business to keep track of financial results while simultaneously monitoring progress in building their capabilities and acquiring the intangible assets essential for future growth.

KIG establishes business specific Decision Intelligence Framework to facilitate effective decision making.

Navigating today's organizations through complex competitive environment is as complicated as flying jets; hence managers like pilots, need instrumentation about many aspects of their environment and performance to monitor the journey toward excellent future outcomes.

Decision Intelligence provides managers with the instrumentation they need to navigate to future sustainable success.

Since today's organizations are competing in complex environment, an accurate understanding of their goals and methods for attaining these goals are vital.

Decision Intelligence translates an organization's mission and strategy into comprehensive set of performance measures that provides the framework for strategic measurement and management system.

Decision Intelligence retains an emphasis on achieving financial objectives and includes the performance drivers of these financial objectives.

Decision Intelligence measures organizational performance across four balanced perspectives: financial, customers, internal business process/business stakeholders, and learning and growth.