Palm Oil Sector

KIG has major interests in the development of new technologies in the Palm Oil Sector covering

Mechanized Harvesting
Mechanized Fertilizer Application
Mechanized Loose Fruit Collection
Soil Treatment System
Water Irrigation System
Captive Power System using POME
OER improvements system
Mill Automations
Green Fuel Utilization for Vehicle used within the plantation

Green Power:

Captive Power Generation System using bio-gas derived from effluent as fuel with battery storage, solar combination for producing 24/7 x 365 days power.

Biogas production from Effluent

This platform is a integrated set of components that convert multiple energy sources into long energy storage which is then converted to green power on demand.

This system does not require grid connectivity and are for on-site captive power generation.

This hybrid power system aligns power generation with peak load requirements, which reduce waste, significantly increases power generation efficiencies and on-demand supplies.